New KOOLGLIDE Repair Program

February 2nd, 2015 | Category: Miscellaneous

Beginning January 1, 2015 all Koolglide repairs and maintenance will be handled by Traxx Corporation of Pomona CA. Traxx is the master distributor for Koolglide tools, tapes and accessories. This change consolidates sales and support into one location.

For repairs or technical questions, call Traxx at:
Toll-Free Telephone: 888-872-9926

The repair facility is located at:
TRAXX™ Corporation
1201 E. Lexington Avenue
Pomona, CA 91766

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How to Fix Melting on One Side

June 1st, 2012 | Category: Miscellaneous

melt1Here is an example of tape that was returned with a tool because the tape was melted on only one side. The installer believed the tool was heating on one side. A closer analysis shows that the tool was working properly but was misaligned with the tape.

This can be seen by looking at the melting pattern that mirrors the heating elements in the tool. The base coil is a continuous wire designed to create three heating zones. The center zone is about 1.1/2” wide with two half inch zones on the edges. melt2This design gives maximum holding power when carpet is stretched but also requires that the tool be no more that 1/4 inch off center to get proper melting.

Off Center Activation: If the coil is overlaid with the melting pattern on the tape it is easy to see what happens. In this example the left side of the foil is burnt indicating the coil was extending past the edge of the melt3tape. The adhesive on the right is not melted at all indicating the tool was shifted over to the area that does not contain much adhesive. If you look at the center melt-pattern you can clearly see a full 1 1/2” is melted but the center line (the thick red line) is shifted over and angled. This gives the appearance of heating on one side but actually the tool was not aligned with the tape. Straightening and centering the tool gave a perfect melt.

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Replace Laminate Planks

August 18th, 2009 | Category: Installation

KOOLGLIDE introduced the new KOOLGLIDE PRO-W hard surfaces tool in February at SURFACES 2009. The PRO-W is excellent for starter and finish rows without face nailing, for decorative tile, and for board replacement.

John Namba, Director of Technical Services for the World Floor Covering Association, and advisor to KOOLGLIDE recently published an article entitled “How to Replace Laminate Planks” for Floor Covering Installer magazine. Click here for Jon’s complete step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Thanks, Jon, for your contribution!

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Now KOOLGLIDE Technology
for Hard Surfaces

January 31st, 2009 | Category: Products

Introducing – the Instafast System. Now, with the Instafast System from KOOLGLIDE, unsightly face nailing can be eliminated and tedious board replacement is made easy. Just put the board in place over the KOOLGLIDE Utility Tape. Then use the KOOLGLIDE PRO-W to activate the tape right through the board. This system uses patented Sinch® Technology to remotely activate a specially designed tape.
It’s safe, fast, easy and strong. If you make a mistake just reverse the bond and redo. And, it works on carpet too.

KOOLGLIDE Technology for Hard Surfaces

KOOLGLIDE PRO-W Applications:

Starter and finish rows without face nailing – For many hard wood fastening jobs, face nailing is the only answer. But face nailing is visible from the surface and requires matching and filling. With the KOOLGLIDE, simply put the boards in place and hit the power button.
Board replacement – The trouble with conventional methods of board replacement is that once you have the board in place, you have to carefully remove it. This is difficult and sometimes damages the board. With KOOLGLIDE you put the tape behind the board. Then when the board fits perfectly, activate the tool.
Decorative tile – The KOOLGLIDE with utility tape is great for decorative tile applications such as base and back splash. Remember, the adhesive on the utility tape is non-structural adhesive and should be used only where the tile is supported.

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Multi-Million-Dollar Casino Flooring Project Benefits from INSTALL Professionals’ Exclusive Training

December 11th, 2008 | Category: Training

[reprint from INSTALL Liberty Bell Group e-News]

To prepare for the flooring component of a major eastern Pennsylvania casino construction project, instructors for INSTALL Philadelphia & Vicinity Floor Covering Professionals are planning a series of training and certification sessions to prepare for the work. Technical and education experts from the makers of the KOOLGLIDE carpet seaming iron, Impax Technology Group, trained and certified local INSTALL instructor Steve Raisner to be qualified to present the training and certification test. The result of this project will be INSTALL flooring professionals who are ready to hit the ground running when the casino’s flooring jobs site opens.

“There will be an incredible amount of high-end carpet, such as Ulster Axminster, to be installed throughout the casino complex, and we will be using the KoOOLGLIDE technique to seam the carpet,” said Patrick McGinley, coordinator of the INSTALL Philadelphia & Vicinity Floor Covering Professionals. “Our flooring installers are already familiar with this new technique, but we want to hone our skills so that the job is done completely to the customer’s satisfaction.”

The customer, the Sands Bethworks, is an estimated $879 million sprawling facility being built on the former Bethlehem Steel land in Bethlehem, PA. Owned and operated by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the 126- acre campus will include a casino, 300-room hotel, concert hall, restaurants, upscale retail and 1,200 loft apartments.

INSTALL Philadelphia contractor Metro Design Center is a primary flooring contractor for the casino project. The company will rely on flooring professionals from the INSTALL Philadelphia program to complete the work. Three training sessions – two in the Lehigh Valley and one in Philadelphia – will be held over the next two months in preparation for a January start.

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Do Your Part
for a Healthier Environment

November 21st, 2008 | Category: Green/Environmental


More Efficient, Healthier and Cleaner Carpet Installation

Wikipedia’s definition of green building:

“Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by:
• Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity
• Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources
• Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation”

What does this have to do with carpet installation? A lot – that’s why we say KOOLGLIDE gives you “green installation”. Here are three ways.

Protecting health: Remote activation creates a healthier environment for the installer and the occupants of the buildings by eliminating the smoke from traditional hot iron seaming. With traditional hot iron installation, residual adhesive builds up on the iron, burning and degrading with each heating cycle. The products of combustion contained in the smoke are known as irritants. Unlike the hot iron, with KOOLGLIDE activation the tool does not come into direct contact with the adhesive, therefore it eliminates smoke.

Efficient use of resources: KOOLGLIDE installation supports recycling in that the seaming tape is easily removed. Using the KOOLGLIDE method, the installer may re-activate the tape from the carpet surface and the tape releases from the backing. KOOLGLIDE enhances seam quality for several reasons. First, since the seam tape is activated from the top, all work is visible to the installer. Second, because KOOLGLIDE eliminates the need to slide a hot iron through softened adhesive, the adhesive and reinforcing scrim are not displaced, as sometimes happens with the hot iron system. This gives more consistent seam-strength. Third, this system allows for spot fastening which eases pattern matching. Fourth, heat is a common cause of damage to carpet backings and fibers. KOOLGLIDE reduces the heat that backings and carpet fibers are exposed to. And, finally, since the tape may be reactivated from the carpet surface, errors are easily corrected.

Reducing waste and pollution: Now there is a way to eliminate the indoor air pollution common to traditional carpet installation. The KOOLGLIDE System offers greener installation and also supports better quality seams. This is because the KOOLGLIDE System remotely activates the seaming tape, through the carpeting material, without directly heating the adhesive of the carpet backing.

We’ve done our part in creating a more efficient, healthier, and cleaner carpet seaming system. Now we invite you to try the KOOLGLIDE System to see how you can help clean up the environment and get superior carpet installation.

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An Inspector Writes…

August 14th, 2008 | Category: Installation

August 1, 2008


I would like to take a moment and thank your company for bringing the KOOLGLIDE into the market a few years ago. I am a son of one of the old time installers that made sure his son knew how to hand sew a seam. It took two years to convince my father that the original seam iron was going to have a place in his profession. Well, all these years later it did not take me that long to at least try this new technology. I was the first one in our area to have this new tool. I am a FCITS inspector in Central Illinois and I had my first opportunity to take apart a KOOLGLIDE seam this week. One of the area retailer’s installer was having a difficult time making an acceptable seam for their customer. They asked me to show the installer how to make the seam acceptable. Poor application (too much) of a seam sealer was the biggest problem but slight pattern run-off had him upset. The product was a Shaw soft backed product. I knew that I could re-heat the seam but first I flipped a portion of the carpet over and wanted to see how well the seam tape held. I could not pull the seam tape from the carpet’s backing. There was a great bond. That answered my four-year question about how well the tape would hold.

The real benefit of the KOOLGLIDE came when I showed the installer how we could spot seam the carpet and align the pattern. The look on the installer’s face was priceless when he realized that could be done. “Yeah, try that with a regular seam iron” was his first phrase when we finished the seam to everybody’s approval (mainly the customer’s). This is truly a great thing for our industry.


Terry Frier

Frier Flooring Inspections and Consulting

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An Installer’s Tips

July 30th, 2008 | Category: Installation

Topic: KOOLGLIDE Discussion

[reprint from The Floor Pro Community]

I wanted to start a discussion on the KOOLGLIDE iron.

I’ve been using it on every job now for a couple of weeks. It was a bit strange and difficult for me to change the way I’ve been doing seams for the past 30 years, but I am very happy with the results.

Since I already was sealing the seams with thermoplastic, the KOOLGLIDE iron does a great job of remelting it and binding the edges together. I could do that with my regular iron, but I could only go a few inches at a time since the tops of the irons have the heat shield which does not want to get the thermoplastic hot enough to remelt. Also, you will need to use the glue sticks made for the KOOLGLIDE. It has a lower melting point then the standard glue stick and is very sticky.

The one main thing I am having a hard time getting used to is the fact that you need to cut down the carpet and the tape to the wall or it won’t melt the tape on the edge.

I did have a very slight overlap the other day on a carpet that the edge was very crooked, and was very pleased to be able to quickly fix it by reheating that area and pushing it back to where it was supposed to be.

Also, the tape has the orange line right down the middle that is most helpful as any gap jumps right out at you.

I have found that peaking is all but completely gone which is very good to an installer like me who takes stretching very seriously.

The store I work out of is so impressed with the iron that they gave me a $.50 a yard raise which will pay for the purchase of the iron and the additional cost of the tape.

I like how I can walk away from the seam at any time, and the fact that if I am working on a difficult seam, I don’t have to push the activation button and can work on the area I am working on without having to worry about hurrying up because the next section is ready.

I did a patch with it the other day… OUTSTANDING!

The use of this iron is cumbersome to start with, but once you get used to it, it is hard to justify using any other method of seaming.

The tape is very low profile, it is wider and it is way more “sticky” then standard tapes.

Another benefit…
You don’t ever get those clumps of glue that try to pool behind your standard iron.

Another benefit….
You can “spot weld” places on the seam on trouble pattern carpets then go between later.

I have found that for the best results for me I do this.
After I move the iron forward, I do not immediately reactivate it…
I check the area I just melted first, make sure that I got good melt, make sure that I don’t have to do any adjusting, THEN I activate the iron.
I then “pinch” the seam to bind the thermoplastic sealed edges together, tractor it and move my weight on it, by then, the KOOLGLIDE is ready to move forward.
It only takes about 8 seconds for it to melt the tape.
(I don’t pinch cheaper carpets…. they are to thin and flimsy and will overlap if you pinch it!)

Can anyone tell that I really like my new KOOLGLIDE iron?

What is your experience and do you have any neat tricks?

Chris Sheafer

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Seam sealing with
the KOOLGLIDE System

July 21st, 2008 | Category: Installation

Seam sealing with either a latex or hot melt adhesive type works with the system.

    For GOOD use a latex adhesive
    For BETTER use hot melt glue sticks
    For BEST use the Kool Stick hot glue gun sticks to eliminate hinging and reduce peaking

Seam SealingThe adhesive on KOOLGLIDE Kool Stics is the same as on the KOOLGLIDE tape, and when the seam is bonded, the seam sealer and tape adhesive melt together forming a solid bond.

An alternative method can also be used with the glue gun. Place and align the seam tape to one side of the carpet using the round tip on the glue gun and the Kool Stic adhesive.

This seals the edge and also bonds the adhesive to the tape. Place the other section of carpet to the seam and bond using the KOOLGLIDE tool. This causes the seam sealing adhesive and the tape adhesive to melt, forming a solid bond to each edge of the carpet and the tape.

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Tape Adhesive Not Melting?
Check These Tips!

July 10th, 2008 | Category: Installation

Occasionally the tape adhesive may not melt on one side. This can happen through a variety of ways. Here are some helpful hints to prevent this from happening.

Make sure the tool is set on the L (Low) setting when seaming. If the tool setting is accidentally turned on the T (transverse) setting this will cause the melting cycle to be 50% less than on the L and the tape adhesive will not melt properly.

Always roll the seam after activation. If this is not done, the adhesive may have melted but did not transfer to the carpet backing.

Align the tool properly to the tape. If the tool is too far over on one side of the seam this will cause the tape to be heated on one side of the seam and not on the other.

Keep the distance from the tape to the bottom of the tool equal to or less than ¾”. At the maximum distance allowed between the tool and the tape, the tool may only partially heat the tape just as if you have the tool on the T setting. Pressing down on the tool to decrease the distance will solve this problem.

Keep the tape away from heat vents or other metallic objects. If the tape is very close, this may lower the field strength of the tool and cause less adhesive melting on the tape.

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