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New, Improved Silicone Backed Tape Coming to Distributors Soon

June 12th, 2008 | Category: Carpet Tapes, News

A new, improved KOOLGLIDE Silicone coated tape will begin to appear at distributors soon. What is different from the earlier tape? The new tape has a superior Silicone treatment to the back of the tape which keeps it from sticking to the carpet pad. The paper is denser which allows more Silicone to stay on top of the paper rather than soaking into the paper, which in turn, makes it more effective. Also, the color of the new tape backing is different – it’s a milky light brown compared to the uncoated tape and the previous Silicone tape.

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the Model 100

June 3rd, 2008 | Category: News

Model 100 Discontinued in June 2008

Two years ago KOOLGLIDE introduced the PRO Model. The PRO has advanced features that the KOOLGLIDE Model 100 did not have. The original Model 100 Low-Medium-High settings all defaulted to the Low power level. With the PRO, the L-M-H settings have differing power levels, making the KOOLGLIDE PRO a more adaptable tool.

Since its introduction, sales of the PRO model have outpaced sales of the KOOLGLIDE Model 100. Therefore we will be discontinuing production of the Model 100 within the next month. Your KOOLGLIDE Model 100 is still a superior alternative to traditional hot iron method of carpet seaming, so keep using it! You can also have your current Model 100 upgraded to a PRO, for a charge of $40 within the continental USA (includes shipping and handling). Customers located outside the continental USA will pay any additional shipping charges and are responsible for all duties and customs fees. Contact Dave Green, toll free at 888-486-6342 for details.

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Godfrey Hirst Latest to Endorse KOOLGLIDE

December 12th, 2007 | Category: News

By Rob Rothfuss

July 25, 2007,

Godfrey Hirst has announced that they are now encouraging use of the KOOLGLIDE System for installation of wool broadloom products.  According to John Sheffield, Vice President – North America at Godfrey Hirst, the KOOLGLIDE System “allows for a better, lower profile seam, which is critical on low profile products like the wool broadlooms.  It also can make a seam where the edges do not bind when stretched in, which is the number one cause of seam peaking.  Peaked seams account for 80% of our claims and they are installation related, not manufacturing or carpet related.”

Hirst is also encouraging installers to become certified through the Natural Fiber Installation Certification (NFIC) program.  This certification program focuses on the unique installation aspects of natural fiber floor coverings.  Wool, sisal, sea grass, flatweaves and other natural fibers require specialized installation techniques to insure proper seaming and floor applications.

These classes also include certification on installation with the KOOLGLIDE System.

The Godfery Hirst letter may be downloaded from this web site along with similar letters from Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu and others.  Simply go to FACTS ABOUT THE KOOLGLIDE SYSTEM, click on ENDORSEMENTS, select to view.

Also, you may learn more about the NFIC certification program by visiting their web site listed on this home page under USEFUL LINKS.

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