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August 14th, 2008 | Category: Installation

August 1, 2008


I would like to take a moment and thank your company for bringing the KOOLGLIDE into the market a few years ago. I am a son of one of the old time installers that made sure his son knew how to hand sew a seam. It took two years to convince my father that the original seam iron was going to have a place in his profession. Well, all these years later it did not take me that long to at least try this new technology. I was the first one in our area to have this new tool. I am a FCITS inspector in Central Illinois and I had my first opportunity to take apart a KOOLGLIDE seam this week. One of the area retailer’s installer was having a difficult time making an acceptable seam for their customer. They asked me to show the installer how to make the seam acceptable. Poor application (too much) of a seam sealer was the biggest problem but slight pattern run-off had him upset. The product was a Shaw soft backed product. I knew that I could re-heat the seam but first I flipped a portion of the carpet over and wanted to see how well the seam tape held. I could not pull the seam tape from the carpet’s backing. There was a great bond. That answered my four-year question about how well the tape would hold.

The real benefit of the KOOLGLIDE came when I showed the installer how we could spot seam the carpet and align the pattern. The look on the installer’s face was priceless when he realized that could be done. “Yeah, try that with a regular seam iron” was his first phrase when we finished the seam to everybody’s approval (mainly the customer’s). This is truly a great thing for our industry.


Terry Frier

Frier Flooring Inspections and Consulting

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