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How to Fix Melting on One Side

June 1st, 2012 | Category: Miscellaneous

melt1Here is an example of tape that was returned with a tool because the tape was melted on only one side. The installer believed the tool was heating on one side. A closer analysis shows that the tool was working properly but was misaligned with the tape.

This can be seen by looking at the melting pattern that mirrors the heating elements in the tool. The base coil is a continuous wire designed to create three heating zones. The center zone is about 1.1/2” wide with two half inch zones on the edges. melt2This design gives maximum holding power when carpet is stretched but also requires that the tool be no more that 1/4 inch off center to get proper melting.

Off Center Activation: If the coil is overlaid with the melting pattern on the tape it is easy to see what happens. In this example the left side of the foil is burnt indicating the coil was extending past the edge of the melt3tape. The adhesive on the right is not melted at all indicating the tool was shifted over to the area that does not contain much adhesive. If you look at the center melt-pattern you can clearly see a full 1 1/2” is melted but the center line (the thick red line) is shifted over and angled. This gives the appearance of heating on one side but actually the tool was not aligned with the tape. Straightening and centering the tool gave a perfect melt.

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