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June 3rd, 2008 | Category: News

Model 100 Discontinued in June 2008

Two years ago KOOLGLIDE introduced the PRO Model. The PRO has advanced features that the KOOLGLIDE Model 100 did not have. The original Model 100 Low-Medium-High settings all defaulted to the Low power level. With the PRO, the L-M-H settings have differing power levels, making the KOOLGLIDE PRO a more adaptable tool.

Since its introduction, sales of the PRO model have outpaced sales of the KOOLGLIDE Model 100. Therefore we will be discontinuing production of the Model 100 within the next month. Your KOOLGLIDE Model 100 is still a superior alternative to traditional hot iron method of carpet seaming, so keep using it! You can also have your current Model 100 upgraded to a PRO, for a charge of $40 within the continental USA (includes shipping and handling). Customers located outside the continental USA will pay any additional shipping charges and are responsible for all duties and customs fees. Contact Dave Green, toll free at 888-486-6342 for details.

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