KOOLGLIDE Tape Melting Pattern

June 19th, 2008 | Category: Installation

A customer sent in a tool the other day with the following note attached: “The iron leaves two rows of un-melted adhesive on either side of the center of the tape. Please repair.”

This is exactly how the KOOLGLIDE tool should work. The KOOLGLIDE tool generates the heating pattern in the center and the edges of the tape. It may not look like much compared to hot iron adhesives that melt across the entire width of the tape, but many years of research done by tape manufacturers and carpet mills have found that as little as 1” of tape adhesive on each side of the seam is more than adequate to bond carpet sections together. The KOOLGLIDE allows for misalignment of the tool to the seam tape and still permits enough melted adhesive to enable the carpet to be power stretched.

Click here to see an illustration of the heating pattern.

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