Tape Adhesive Not Melting?
Check These Tips!

July 10th, 2008 | Category: Installation

Occasionally the tape adhesive may not melt on one side. This can happen through a variety of ways. Here are some helpful hints to prevent this from happening.

Make sure the tool is set on the L (Low) setting when seaming. If the tool setting is accidentally turned on the T (transverse) setting this will cause the melting cycle to be 50% less than on the L and the tape adhesive will not melt properly.

Always roll the seam after activation. If this is not done, the adhesive may have melted but did not transfer to the carpet backing.

Align the tool properly to the tape. If the tool is too far over on one side of the seam this will cause the tape to be heated on one side of the seam and not on the other.

Keep the distance from the tape to the bottom of the tool equal to or less than ¾”. At the maximum distance allowed between the tool and the tape, the tool may only partially heat the tape just as if you have the tool on the T setting. Pressing down on the tool to decrease the distance will solve this problem.

Keep the tape away from heat vents or other metallic objects. If the tape is very close, this may lower the field strength of the tool and cause less adhesive melting on the tape.

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