Seam sealing with
the KOOLGLIDE System

July 21st, 2008 | Category: Installation

Seam sealing with either a latex or hot melt adhesive type works with the system.

    For GOOD use a latex adhesive
    For BETTER use hot melt glue sticks
    For BEST use the Kool Stick hot glue gun sticks to eliminate hinging and reduce peaking

Seam SealingThe adhesive on KOOLGLIDE Kool Stics is the same as on the KOOLGLIDE tape, and when the seam is bonded, the seam sealer and tape adhesive melt together forming a solid bond.

An alternative method can also be used with the glue gun. Place and align the seam tape to one side of the carpet using the round tip on the glue gun and the Kool Stic adhesive.

This seals the edge and also bonds the adhesive to the tape. Place the other section of carpet to the seam and bond using the KOOLGLIDE tool. This causes the seam sealing adhesive and the tape adhesive to melt, forming a solid bond to each edge of the carpet and the tape.

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