Cincinnati-made KOOLGLIDE System Wins
2006 National New Product of the Year Award

Innovative KOOLGLIDE Carpet Seaming System tops prestigious National Society of Professional Engineers competition.

(CINCINNATI, OH) - Officials at Cincinnati-based Impax Technology Group announced this week that the company’s innovative KOOLGLIDE Carpet Seaming System had earned the prestigious New Product of the Year Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). In the world of high technology product development, few honors are as coveted or meaningful as the NSPE’s annual award.

"It is almost overwhelming to have our company represented alongside some of the biggest and most recognizable companies in the world," says Impax founder and president Rob Rothfuss. "This honor is a great source of pride for everyone involved in the development of the KOOLGLIDE product and the technology inside it."

The purpose of the NSPE New Product of the Year Award program is to stimulate and recognize the full spectrum of benefits that come from the research and engineering of new products. This award is judged on the innovative use of engineering principles, sales and economic impact and the improved function of the product over conventional technology in terms of savings to the end user, environment, energy and safety.

From the thousands of companies that enter the national competition each year through their respective state NSPE chapters, only four companies eventually earn national recognition - one each in four categories. Past award recipients include some of the best-known companies in the world, such as DaimlerChrysler, Raytheon Aircraft, GE Medical Systems, Mercedes-Benz, Boeing and 3M.

Impax Technology Group’s award-winning KOOLGLIDE system was honored, in part, because it eliminates many of the hassles commonly associated with the 30-year-old hot-melt tape system of carpet seaming

Impax Technology Group’s award-winning KOOLGLIDE system was honored, in part, because it eliminates many of the hassles commonly associated with the 30-year-old hot-melt tape system of carpet seaming - fumes, smoke, glue drips, carpet discoloration, burns and the permanence of seaming errors. Built around a revolutionary miniaturized induction heating platform dubbed Sinch Technology®, the product enables carpet installers to finish seams at a rate of five feet per minute, faster than the old technology, and the reversible induction heat process gives installers a quick, non-destructive way to correct mistakes.

Although the product has barely been on the market for a year, it has already earned wide acceptance in the flooring industry. Carpet mills such as Shaw and Mohawk, retailers such Carpet One and Flooring America and installer groups such as the United Brotherhood of Carpenters are now training installers on the methods and advantages of KOOLGLIDE installation.

The patented KOOLGLIDE System works because the compact Sinch Technology platform enables the product to both capitalize on the potential of induction heating and overcome some of its previous limitations. Induction heating is a "cool" process that works by using an electronic device to create an electro-magnetic field. That field then "induces" an electrical current in a metal conductor. The current, in turn, creates heat only where it is needed. Induction heating can be used to remotely activate adhesives, initiate a chemical reaction or to heat metals for soldering, brazing or welding. In the past, induction heating was limited to large-scale industrial applications because the induction devices were massive, sometimes weighing thousands of pounds and requiring elaborate cooling systems, a stationary platform and constant supervision.

The Sinch Technology platform is revolutionary in that it literally puts the power of induction heating in the user’s hand. Utilizing patented computerized internal controls, Impax Technology Group is able to create an induction heating unit similar in size and weight to a standard cordless drill. The internal microprocessor also eliminates the need to manually calibrate the tool. Using the KOOLGLIDE carpet seaming system, for example, the tool automatically detects the distance to the aluminum-backed seaming tape and adjusts the amount of energy needed to melt the glue embedded in the tape strip. The result is a consistently high-quality seam, regardless of the thickness or type of carpet being installed.

Impax Technology Group was formed in October of 2005 as collaboration between the KOOLGLIDE development team and the principles of IAP® Research of Kettering, Ohio who were instrumental in the development of Sinch Technology. Over the last 25 years, IAP’s work has been geared mainly toward the development of advanced military weapons systems. Recently, IAP has applied the same expertise to commercial applications. "Along with IAP, we have invented the worlds smallest, most powerful induction engine" states Rothfuss. "Our long-term plan is to continue to apply this kind of advanced technology to everyday industrial and consumer products such as the KOOLGLIDE System."