Basic KOOLGLIDE Instructions for Carpet Seaming

KOOLGLIDE carpet seaming tools work by generating a safe electromagnetic field beneath the tool that causes the foil in the seam tape to heat and melts the adhesive.

The same method of carpet installation is used with the KOOLGLIDE system as with hot irons.   Seam rollers, seam weights, seam sealers, seaming boards, and power stretching are used as described in CFI 104, 105.

Only KOOLGLIDE tapes will work with KOOLGLIDE tools.  The seam tape must be under the tool during activation or the tool power light will blink 3 times and not activate.


  • Place the seam tape beneath the seam.  Make sure it is centered.
  • Trim the seam tape flush with the wall.  Any tape left past the carpet will result in less melting of the adhesive.  Tape left short of the carpet end will result in overheating of the end of the tape.
  • Plug the tool in.  The electronics cooling fan will be on and the LOW power setting light will be lit.
  • Place the tool over the seam, line it up to the seam line using the arrows on the front of the tool.  Butt the tool up against the wall or doorway.  The tool can be used in either direction.
  • To activate the tool, push the POWER button switch.  This will cause the POWER light to come on; the light will stay on during the activation cycle.
  • Once the POWER light has gone off, move the tool one tool length--from side arrow to side arrow--on the side of the tool.
  • Repeat these steps until the tool is at the end of the seam.


  • If the distance from the wall to the tool for the last activation is less than one tool length, wait 30 seconds.  This makes sure that the tape will not be heated twice in a row.  Then butt the tool up against the wall and activate the tool.
  • At the end of the seam, place the tool sideways.  Line up the middle arrow on the side of the tool to the seam line.
  • Press the T (TRANSVERSE) button on the tool to reduce the amount of energy of the tool.
  • Press the POWER button.  The cycle time will be about half of that for the long seam.
  • After the POWER light goes off, the last bit of adhesive on the tape will be melted.

  • If the adhesive at the end of the seam tape is still unmelted, an alternative method can be used. Place a section of tape approximately 10” long parallel and against the wall.  Place the tool over the tape and activate the tool without pressing the T button. This will melt the adhesive on the short section of tape and will melt the adhesive on the tape above it for a durable end-of-seam bond.