KOOLGLIDE Carpet Seaming Tapes

Carpet Seaming Tapes

KOOLGLIDE seaming tapes are specially designed to work within the KOOLGLIDE System.

COATED VERSUS UNCOATED TAPE  We offer 2 types of seaming tape – one with silicone coating, and one without. The silicone COATED TAPE eliminates the possibility of the tape sticking to the pad and is generally used for complete carpet installations. The UNCOATED TAPE is best for making repairs, borders and for custom rugs, however, sometimes the uncoated tape may stick to the pad. Both tapes incorporate adhesive and scrim a full 4 ¼" wide, therefore eliminating the need for old, standard 6" wide tapes.

COMPLETE MELTING  The adhesive is applied to the tape in 3 bands – one on each edge of the tape, and one in the center. This triple-band adhesive pattern matches the heating pattern of the tool. KOOLGLIDE carpet seaming tapes have scrim (sometimes called webbing) almost the entire width of the tape.

Important!When the tool is properly aligned over the tape there will be unmelted zones between the center and two edge bands of adhesive. Also, the center section will have unmelted adhesive on each outer edge of the center adhesive section. This is normal. The reason for this design is so that if the tool is misaligned to the tape, enough adhesive will be melted on both sides of the seam to ensure a secure seam bond. The alignment may be off-center by up to ½ inch without affecting the strength of the bond. If the alignment is off by greater than ½ inch you will notice no melting on one side of the tape and discoloration on the other edge.

ADHESIVE SET-UP TIME  The adhesive on KOOLGLIDE tapes does not set-up instantly. It is a hot melt similar to those found on conventional tapes that are used with a conventional hot iron. Therefore, the work time is similar to other tapes currently on the market. The tape normally requires 15-20 minutes to set up before it can be power stretched. On a hot day it may take longer.

BACKINGS The unique KOOLGLIDE adhesive works on all carpet backings.

Important! Always wait about 20 seconds before reheating a section. Immediate reheating will result in discoloration of the backing and adhesive cools between each activation or overheating may occur.

USE ONLY KOOLGLIDE TAPE  The KOOLGLIDE tool is designed for use only with KOOLGLIDE tapes. If any other tape is used, the system will not work properly and could overheat, discoloring the carpet backing.

SEAM PEAKING  KOOLGLIDE tape dramatically reduces or eliminates seam peaking through a combination of two features:

  • The unique method of melting the adhesive on the tape without overheating the backing
  • The unique pattern of the adhesive on the tape
  • Important! Always use KoolSticks seam sealer to assure maximum flatness.


    Double Stick Carpet Seaming Tapes

    The KOOLGLIDE Double Stick carpet seaming tape is the same tape as the normal seaming tape with the addition of a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) on the reverse side. This tape is designed for double glue applications. Peeling off the release paper allows the tape to be permanently secured to wood or concrete surfaces for direct glue down applications.


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