End of Seam Bonds

End of Seam

Use the KOOLGLIDE System for better end of seam bonding. There are 2 ways to be sure that the end of the seam is strong.

Turn the tool sideways to the wall and center it to the seam line. PUSH THE TRANSVERSE BUTTON ON THE TOOL, and then activate the tool over the end of the seam. In 3 to 4 seconds the tool activation light will go off.  This indicates that the adhesive at the end of the tape has been melted.

Important!Always cut the carpet and tape flush to the wall or doorframe. If you don't flush-cut you will not melt the adhesive and the edge-bond will be weak.

Important! This method only melts about the last 1 inch of adhesive – not the entire width of the tool.

Kool Idea! This idea came from John, an installer in Atlanta. Another way to end the seam is to put a 10 inch piece of tape parallel to the wall, under the seam. Be sure to cut the crossing piece of tape about the about the length of the tool base. Then, put the tool over this section of tape and activate the tool. When the light goes off the adhesive under the tool has been melted. Roll the seam and you are done.

Important! When using this method DO NOT press the "T" button.