Carpet Types

One big advantage of the KOOLGLIDE System is that it can be used on any type of carpet, up to ¾ thick.

KOOLGLIDE works on all carpet backing types including: actionbac, softbac, lockbac, unitary latex, urethane, Karastan, Axminster, and Wilton.

KOOLGLIDE works on any carpet fiber type including: loop, cut, Saxony, velvets, frieze, and Berber.

Pattern Matching

The KOOLGLIDE System is superior to traditional hot iron methods of carpet seaming because the pattern can be matched in several spots on the seam, rather than relying on stay nails.  The spot-bonded sections can then be re-melted as the tool is guided down the seam to ensure a proper pattern match.

Cross seams can be made easily since the KOOLGLIDE System does not rely on the tool coming into contact with the tape.