Why Use the KOOLGLIDE Carpet Seaming System?

The patented KOOLGLIDE® Carpet Seaming System has many advantages over conventional hot iron systems. Check these out!

  • Easy to use: the KOOLGLIDE tool can be used in either direction and is as simple to operate as pushing a button
  • No waiting: there’s no heat up nor cool down time required
  • Stop and restart seaming without harm to the carpet by simply removing the tool from the seam to stop the tool from melting the tape adhesive
  • Fast seaming rate of 5 ft. per minute – as fast or faster than a conventional hot iron
  • Clean installation: the KOOLGLIDE System is designed so that the tool melts the tape adhesive without direct contact
  • No heat: the KOOLGLIDE tool does not get hot thanks to its induction technology design
  • No smoke, no odor: induction heating is invisible and does not generate smoke or odor
  • Re-do a seam at any time simply by reactivating the KOOLGLIDE tool
  • No carpet damage or discoloration from overheating the carpet; there is a precise amount of energy delivered equally on each activation of the tool to melt the low melt adhesive
  • Doorways and end of seams made easy; no dragging a hot iron up the wall
  • The KOOLGLIDE System can be used on any type of commercially available carpet backing including actionbac, softbac, Axminster, Wilton, unitary latex, and Karastan
  • Pattern matching is easy: no stay nails, no fighting the pattern as the seam is made

KOOLGLIDE… quite simply a better carpet installation system…