Basic KOOLGLIDE Instructions for Flooring

The KOOLGLIDE System generates a safe electromagnetic field to remotely activate adhesive on the tape through any non-metallic material. Strong permanent bonds can be created conveniently and quickly, on-demand. The bond can be reversed for easy removal or repositioning, if needed, without damage to the bonded materials.

The patented KOOLGLIDE tool generates an invisible low frequency electromagnetic field beneath the tool. When the field interacts with a metallic object, in this case the metal in the KOOLGLIDE tape, the metal heats up. The power and frequency have been carefully selected to heat the metal foil in the tape. The heated metal in the tape then melts the hot melt adhesive on the tape to form a bond to the wood or tile. The tool base does not get hot with proper operation.

The KOOLGLIDE Utility tape is a unique fastener for wood, ceramic, plastic, and other non-metallic products to wood, concrete, and masonry. It is used with the KOOLGLIDE Model PRO and PRO-W tools. The tape is made of a layer of sticky adhesive (PSA) on one side that provides permanent bonding, and a hot melt adhesive on the other.

To apply the tape, peel back the release paper and attach the sticky, pressure-sensitive side of the tape to either the wood/tile or the subfloor. Align the wood/tile over the Utility tape and use the KOOLGLIDE tool on the L, M, or the H setting to activate the hot melt adhesive and complete the bonding process. The item can be removed at any time by re-activating the tool and melting the hot melt adhesive beneath.


Make sure the items to be bonded are dry and free from dirt, dust, any old adhesive, wax, silicone, grease or other materials that would prevent proper bonding.


  • Place the tape beneath the wood or tile. Make sure it is centered.
  • Trim the tape flush with the wall. Any tape left past the edge of the flooring will result in less melting of the adhesive and possible smoking of the adhesive.
  • Plug the tool in. The electronics cooling fan will be on and the LOW power setting light will be lit.
  • Place the tool over the seam, line it up to the tape using the arrows on the front of the tool.  Butt the tool up against the wall or doorway to start.  The tool can be used in either direction.
  • To activate the tool, push the POWER button switch located on each side of the POWER light on the switch plate. This will cause the POWER light to come on; the light will stay on during the activation cycle.
  • Once the POWER light has gone off, move the tool one tool length--from side arrow to side arrow--on the side of the tool.
  • Activation times will vary with material thickness. Thicker materials will require slightly more time to melt the tape adhesive.
  • Press firmly or use a rubber roller over the tape behind the tool after the hot melt tape has been activated to bond the wood to the substrate.
  • Repeat these steps until the tool is at the end of the tape.


T -Transverse This setting is used at the end of the tape. When the KOOLGLIDE tool is turned sideways over the tape, it has 50% of the tape under it and therefore has a 50% lower power setting to prevent overheating. The T setting allows for the last ½” of adhesive on the tape to be melted. If the adhesive at the end of the seam tape is still unmelted, an alternative method can be used. Place a section of tape approximately 10” long parallel and against the wall.  Place the tool over the tape and activate the tool without pressing the T button. This will melt the adhesive on the short section of tape and will melt the adhesive on the tape above it for a durable end of the wood/tile bond.

L - Low Normal operating setting for use on materials ¾” in thickness.

M - Medium Used on materials ¾” in thickness over a wood substrate.

H - High Used on materials up to ¾” in thickness over a concrete substrate or under cold conditions.

The installer will need to determine the proper setting for each type of installation as materials, substrate, and ambient conditions vary from installation to installation. It is recommended to place a test board on the substrate prior to actual installation, to determine which setting will achieve the strongest bond.


The KOOLGLIDE tool and Utility tape can be used to fasten starter rows at the center of a room wider than 20 feet, or against the wall, and finish rows.

Using the Utility tape eliminates the need to place a temporary backer row on concrete or wood substrates to maintain a straight line for properly aligned installations. There is no need to set and remove a temporary backer or wait for adhesive to set up.

Once the starter or finish rows have been activated by the KOOLGLIDE tool and tape, no further preparation or wait time is necessary.

Using this system eliminates face nailing and having to use putty to fill the nail holes.