Why Use the KOOLGLIDE Flooring System?

The patented KOOLGLIDE® Flooring System has many advantages over conventional hot iron systems. Check these out!

  • Unique fastening system with the KOOLGLIDE® PRO-W tool and KOOLGLIDE utility tape to bond to wood, concrete and masonry
  • Easy to use: the KOOLGLIDE PRO-W can be used in either direction and is as simple to operate as pushing a button
  • Choose from 3 settings for optimum use in any condition: temperature, humidity, substrate
  • Fast: no waiting 2 to 24 hours for liquid adhesives to set -- tape adhesive sets in minutes
  • Strong: pull strength is equal to or greater than liquid adhesives or nails
  • Clean installation, no mess: the KOOLGLIDE PRO-W System is designed so that the tool melts the tape adhesive without direct contact
  • Re-do a bond at any time simply by reactivating the PRO-W tool -- repairing floors is a breeze
  • No heat: the KOOLGLIDE PRO-W does not get hot thanks to its induction technology design
  • No smoke, no odor: induction system is invisible and does not generate smoke or odor

KOOLGLIDE… quite simply a better flooring installation system…