Greener Installation with the KOOLGLIDE System

Now there is a way to eliminate the indoor air pollution common to traditional carpet installation. The new KOOLGLIDE System, offers greener installation and also supports better quality seams. This is because the KOOLGLIDE System remotely activates the seaming tape, through the carpeting material, without directly heating the adhesive of the carpet backing.

Remote activation creates a healthier environment for the installer and the occupants of the buildings by eliminating the smoke from traditional hot iron seaming. With traditional hot iron installation, residual adhesive builds up on the iron, burning and degrading with each heating cycle. The products of combustion contained in the smoke are known irritants (see attached letter from Dr. Giles Dillingham). Unlike the hot iron, with KOOLGLIDE activation, the tool does not come into direct contact with the adhesive. This eliminates the smoke.

KOOLGLIDE installation also supports recycling in that the seaming tape is easily removed. Using the KOOLGLIDE method, the installer may re-activate the tape from the carpet surface and the tape releases from the backing.

KOOLGLIDE enhances seam quality for several reasons. First, since the seam tape is activated from the top, all work is visible to the installer. Second, because KOOLGLIDE eliminates the need to slide a hot iron through softened adhesive, the adhesive and reinforcing scrim are not displaced, as sometimes happens with the hot iron system. This gives more consistent seam-strength. Third, this system allows for spot fastening which eases pattern matching. Fourth, heat is a common cause of damage to carpet backings and fibers. KOOLGLIDE reduces the heat that backings and carpet fibers are exposed to. And, finally, since the tape may be reactivated from the carpet surface, errors are easily corrected.

We invite you to take a look at the KOOLGLIDE System and see how to help clean up the environment and get superior installation.